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The new release by STEPHEN BACCHUS

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Musical Sojourns In The Wilderness

The music on Hinterland was inspired by two decades of sojourns into the Canadian wilderness. Infused with the circadian rhythms of nature, each musical miniature unfolds organically, slowly, revealing in sound the hidden epiphanies of the wild in all its beauty and gentle fearsomeness.

Like the steady footfalls on the trail, this is music that takes it time. Bacchus coaxes subtle treasures from his experiences in the deepest quietudes of the many remote hinterlands he has visited.

His inspiring melodies and original arrangements are the listener’s trustworthy guide to discover the pathways to the Hinterland within.

1. The Undiscovered Country 3:51
2. When I Am With You Again 3:34
3. Destination 3:30
4. Nostalgia For The Future 2:54
5. The Wayfarer 3:31
6.  My Heart Is A Desert (Without You) 2:53
7. Beauty In Caves 3:19
8. Walkabout 3:10
9. Hope Abounds 3;29
10. No Regrets 3:17
11. My Expression 2:38
12. Up Ahead, There's A Signpost 3:15
13. Days Of Dreaming 2:55
14. Friend Of Doubt 4:21
15. Miniature #2 3:36
16. First Innocence 3:06
17. Getting Above The Clouds 2:44
18. The Edge Of Remote 3:46
19. Hinterland 3:07
20. All Roads Lead Home 2:49

Mastered at The Lacquer Channel, Toronto from 24bit 96kHz files
by: Noah Mintz


“Hinterland” CD review at the ZoneMusicReporter website by reviewer Bill Binkleman (01/04/2017)

"...this is very intimate music, not lush or vista-evocative. Instead, this is music that might convey the wonder and awe of examining a single leaf, or perhaps watching a deer delicately walk through a sunny glade...

...Bacchus is not leading you by the hand to some pre-destined emotional or physical end point. Again, this is “wandering” music which, if you allow it to penetrate your mind, will not so much transport you somewhere concrete but it will create the space and vehicle for you to transport yourself should you so desire...

...I will say the final three songs are all among my favorites on the disc. “The Edge of Remote” intermixes tones, notes, and quasi-nature sounds, with an underlying pensive keyboard melody and is colored by a blend of somberness and subtle jubilation (there’s a paradoxical mix for you). “Hinterland” opens with bass and cello orchestral strings, but short-bowed, which is atypical for new age or ambient music. Piano and swirling keyboards contain a classical influence along with more typical orchestral strings, and are joined by a chorus of frogs! The track has drama, not overblown, however it does stand in stark contrast to the other songs on the album. The closing “All Roads Lead Home” ends the album with energy and cheerfulness, with an underlying peppy synth rhythm and Asian music motifs on assorted keyboards. It certainly conveys a feeling of happiness at returning to the comfort of one’s home.

..Hinterland marks a triumphant return.."

Read Bill Binkleman's full review at ZoneMusicReporter

“Hinterland” CD review by reviewer, Richard Gürtler (11/06/2016, Bratislava, Slovakia)

"like a collection of small introspective stories, although strongly connected by its natural environment, no matter if melancholic or euphoric...

...The title composition "Hinterland" is filled with epic orchestral movements, occasionally enriched by wildlife quietudes. The most melodious tune "All Roads Lead Home" closes this album in a quite delighted tone...

...If you are searching for relaxing, new age-driven soundsculptings, don’t hesitate to explore Stephen Bacchus wanderings though picturesque untamed Canadian wilderness...“Hinterland” is probably the most mature and sophisticated recording of Stephen Bacchus..."

Read Richard Gurtler reviews

Listener Reviews

"I received your beautiful HINTERLAND CD a little while back. I love what you're doing. Brings me back to some of the classic analog electronic works from the 70's, but with a modern twist. Tomita comes to mind, and Vangelis. Nice arrangements/orchestration. Uplifting indeed. "

— Tim Clement of Danna & Clement

"I listened to Stephen Bacchus’s remarkable new album, HINTERLAND; MUSICAL SOJOURNS INTO THE WILDERNESS, with a great deal of pleasure and interest. These meditative and poignant compositions are truly reflective of nature, creating gentle moods, even as Bacchus’s unique musical voice continues to surprise and delight at every cadence. In these finely-wrought works, we find the logical 21st-century extension of the nature-evoking Symphonic Poems of Sibelius and Smetana. Bacchus, with each of these gems, paints a picture that sonically welcomes us to the hinterland’s doorstep. He then takes us on a mesmerizing journey into its heart."

—Scott M.

"...Among my favourite discs of this or any other year...This Hinterland may very well be your masterwork."

—Beck H.

“...great CD - really enjoyed. Actually it gets inside of you - like you are not hearing it but it casts a spell on you - holds onto you but doesn’t over power...always moving into the next level. Well done!!!”
—Rob S.

“Listening to Hinterland, I felt a joyful sense of renewal and hope. Stephen Bacchus has been inspired by timeless time, spent in the wild, and the pristine purity and clarity of the north woods emerges in the melodies and ambience of Hinterland.”
—Peter R.

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About the Music

Enjoy Peaceful Meditation

Stephen Bacchus creates a range of music enjoyed by thousands of fans for its tranquility and peaceful qualities. Using his primary instruments, synthesizers and samplers, Bacchus combines composed music, nature sounds and ambient sounds of the outside world to tap into the "sweet spot" where music and sound meet. His music is best described as "ambient melodic". Heartfelt melodies, inventative arrangements along with lush ambient backdrops.

When you're looking for a soundtrack for your meditation, yoga, or other relaxing activities, allow Stephen Bacchus to provide the relaxing music for your inner space. Whether you're meditating for holistic health reasons or simply enjoying a relaxing evening alone, the music composed by Stephen is sure to offer you harmony and peace.

About the Music

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About Stephen Bacchus

For many years, Stephen Bacchus has worked on albums with a number of other well-known artists in the genre, including Steve Roach, Mychael Danna, Tim Clement, Vidna Obmana, Jeff Pearce, Patrick O'Hearn, Bruce Mitchell and Calverley. Based in Cobourg, Ontario, Stephen has a new album, Hinterland, scheduled for release on CD on 09/22/2016, followed with the digital release on Apple iTunes and streaming on Apple Music in October 2016. During his career, he has released several albums of instrumental music often combining world music instruments, orchestral instruments and originally designed synthesizer sounds for each release. As a music producer, Stephen has also worked on several best-selling albums, including Celtic Mysteries, Celtic Destiny, Celtic Sanctity, and The Ambient Expanse.

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